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Last summer I was asked to take part in the Simply Crochet Magazine Christmas designer challenge. In the challenge, the crochet designers are given the same task and the same yarn. You can see many of their former challenges on Instagram.  The challenge here was to design and make a Christmas teapot cosy.

I was excited to take part! I sent them four different sketches, and they selected this teapot cosy with pockets on each side and a large bow. In the warmest part of the summer, I was crocheting Christmas items!

Hook-to-hook crochet designer challenge Christmas teapot cosy
Image from Simply Crochet

Here’s the original sketch. I’m not actually used to drawing anything. Normally when I design new things, I just see the item in my head and I write down some notes, maybe with a few drawn lines.

Crochet Christmas teapot cosy

You can read about the design and about the other designer, Claire Guy, on the Simply Crochet Magazine’s post.

The pattern for the teapot cosy is in the Simply Crochet Magazine.

You can vote!

Take part in voting for the favourite. Of course, I’m happy if you vote for me, but really, just choose your favourite! The voting takes place on Instagram, you simply like the teapot cosy that you prefer. www.instagram.com/simplycrochetmag


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Christmas crochet teapot cosy designer challenge at Simply Crochet magazine

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